DIY Branding Binder

DIY Branding Binder

  • $99.99

If you are a boss babe trying to start your business but don’t know where to start or maybe you need guidance but can’t afford to pay for brand consulting then this binder/folder is for you! 

What’s included:

A guide to help you file important business paperwork like EIN and Sales tax

Target customer workbook/guide

How to pitch to media 

How to write a press release about your business

App guide for editing your social media pictures (must be emailed)

Social media marketing resources (must be emailed)

30 minute branding call with one of our consultants (must be scheduled)





What’s next:

Make your purchase and schedule your call. Your binder can be mailed (no additional charge) or content can be emailed to you it is your choice you will be able to discuss this with your brand consultant. Folders or binders may be mailed out depending on what supplies is available 

You will receive your branding binder within 48 hours after your call via email and 5-7 business days via mail.